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Warped Paneling Damage

Warped Paneling Resulting from Interior Water Damage

Lifted, buckled or visibly warped basement paneling is a tell-tale indicator that your home is suffering from some source of interior water damage. As water finds its way into your home and your paneling is exposed to unwanted moisture sources, water penetrates the exposed panel surface and effectively “waterlogs” the poor piece of wood.

Not only does this look terrible, but the absorbed moisture is a hotbed for mold and fungus growth, and can be detrimental to your health. In addition, you can keep replacing the rotten panels, but until you actually stop the source of the moisture at its core, the situation is never going to change.

If you find yourself facing rotten, foul smelling basement panels that may or may not have visible mold growth, it may be time to finally call in the interior waterproofing professionals at Rion Waterproofing. Utilizing our interior waterproofing techniques such as crack injection waterproofing, foundation stabilization services or by installing a simple exterior French drain, our interior waterproofing crews will stop you basement leak at its source in order to give you a healthier, safer and better looking home.

Stop the never-ending saga of warped, waterlogged basement paneling and contact Rion Waterproofing today!