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French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation in the Milwaukee Area

French Drain Design by Rion Waterproofing Contractors

Pewaukee waterproofing company safeguards your home with French drain

The interior drainage tile system is the best way to prevent water damage from ruining the interior of your basement. Also known as a French drain, the drainage tile system can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective systems you need in your basement to prevent water damage.

Whenever the soil around your home is heavily saturated with water, there is always the risk of unwanted moisture entering your basement. One of the major causes of interior water damage is water pressure, otherwise known as hydrostatic pressure. As high concentrations of water collects around your basement exterior, hydrostatic pressure begins to build.

Lots of water pressure can force its way into your basement and any weak points in the foundation (i.e. cracks in the walls or foundations) are severely threatened.

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How Does a French Drain Work?

Our waterproofing specialists first take into consideration a wide variety of factors to determine if a French drain system is right for your home. In some cases other waterproofing methods might be a more viable fit.

Our other waterproofing services include:

Once we have determined that you can benefit from a French drain install, we calculate the best drainage route for you. There are many different places we can reroute your excess water, such as a low spot on your property, a drainage ditch, or even the street (providing the building codes permit). We follow up by digging a shallow trench, laying the pipe, and filling it with gravel. 

After this is complete, we fill the trench and blend everything in with your existing lawn. The whole process can typically be completed in the course of a day, and is relatively simple, quiet, and noninvasive.

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Signs a French Drain is Right for You

Wisconsin French Drain Install and Waterproofing Service

The main purpose of a French drain system is to maximize drainage. Unlike other home waterproofing methods, French drain systems are a preventative measure that reroutes unwanted drainage water away from your home. French drains are built on a slope, and are designed to naturally collect and remove excess rainwater from your property.

Reasons a French drain might be ideal for you include:

  • Standing water deposits around your yard
  • Water is leaking into your basement
  • Your home is built on a high area or hillside

French Drains for Residential Properties

French drains are not applicable for all situations. Contact our professional waterproofing company at Rion Waterproofing before you try to install one yourself. An improperly installed French drain system can lead to a whole host of problems, which can be troublesome and costly to fix. We will help you determine the best drainage routes, and ensure your system is professionally installed. Basement leaks, unsightly mold growth, and soggy lawns are a thing of the past when you choose Rion Waterproofing!

Drainage System Protects Home from Devastating Water Damage in Milwaukee

Drainage holes are created to relieve extreme pressure. Making drainage holes at the perimeter of your basement flooring creates water flow into a carefully constructed channel inside your basement. The water flow is directed towards a sump pump instead of pooling around the foundation. 

Our drainage system installation eliminates the chance of hydrostatic pressure build-up, which forces water into your basement and causes damage. The trench built around the perimeter of your basement interior is lined with fine stones to absorb water and channel it toward a pipe. The water enters the pipe and transported to the sump pump, which discharges the water away from the house where it won't be reabsorbed.

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Watertown Case Study for French Drain Installation

Carlene rehabbed a Colonial-style house in Watertown, Wisconsin. The basement was leaky, thus decreasing the value of the home. She brought in the waterproofing specialists at Rion to maximize the value of the home before selling. The damp basement underwent French drain and egress window installation, which drastically improved the value of the home and led to a satisfied customer. Read Carlene's Watertown basement waterproofing project review!

Milwaukee Water Damage Restoration Services Offers Interior Drain Tile System

Our waterproofing contractors in Milwaukee keep your home safe from water damage, hydrostatic pressure, and costly bills that follow.

Rion Waterproofing's interior basement French drainage system benefits include:

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