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Foundation Repair & Stabilization - Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Setting Milwaukee Homes on the Right Foundation

Foundation stabilization & repair: Waukesha County & Milwaukee, WI

Rion Waterproofing offers foundation repair and stabilization services for homes in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you have cracks in your interior walls, ceilings, exterior walls, or foundations, your home is likely suffering from destabilization. Basement water damage can worsen the destabilization.

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Your home's foundation endures a lot of stress within its life cycle: 

Preventing costly water damage in Milwaukee and Waukesha County is our business and destabilized houses experience water damage. We set the foundation so you won’t have any more structural cracks and leaks. Our waterproofing experts also reinforce the bowed and buckling walls to prevent them from collapsing. By reinforcing these structural weak points with carbon fiber materials, we make the walls strong.

Rion Waterproofing uses carbon fiber and steel beams to reinforce your basement walls, depending on whatever material best suits the foundation. If our contractors find a wall in the basement that's beyond repair, we will remove and replace it with a new, reinforced wall. Our new walls add longevity to any basement and prevent further damage to your foundation.

Shorewood Case Study for Foundation Repair

Bryan and Sarah were closing on their Shorewood house and discovered foundation problems needing to be fixed fast. They called Rion Waterproofing to stabilize their foundation. Facing a tight schedule to get the job done, Rion went to work. Find out what happened next for this Shorewood foundation repair project.

Waterproofing Services for Your Entire Property

Foundation Reinforcement in Milwaukee & Waukesha County

There are several ways to deal with a wall that's falling apart. The degree of damage sustained helps dictate what kind of work needs to be done. The two chief remedies are carbon fiber strips and steel beam installation.

1. Carbon Fiber Strips for Basement Walls

This lightweight material is very popular for foundation repair and for good reason. Carbon fiber is incredibly strong. When tensile pressure is applied, carbon fiber is stronger than steel.

When your basement wall cracks and its structural integrity starts failing, installing carbon fiber strips keep the wall together. Carbon fiber strips maintain the wall’s shape while acting as a reinforcement and prevents new cracks from forming. This also keeps water from entering the basement.

Carbon fiber sheets are very inconspicuous. The sheets don’t protrude far from the wall and only require a simple paint application to cover them up. Get some peace of mind from Rion Waterproofing, knowing that your basement wall is stronger and stabilized.

2. Steel I-Beam Installation

Despite carbon fiber’s incredible strength, it has limitations. Carbon fiber strips don’t handle compression well. If tensile strength isn’t constant, carbon fiber strips will fail. For any walls bending or bowing beyond 2 inches, the next step requires installing steel beams. 

Steel beams are used more often than carbon fiber and are ideal for immediately stopping a bending wall. A 4” steel I-beam is commonly used, which is bolted into the ceiling and floor. This applies constant pressure to the bending wall and keeps the wall from pushing out even further.

To get all your questions answered - from costs to repair methods - contact our company's specialists for a free quote.

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3. Foundation Repair Keeps Your Walls in Line

Milwaukee Foundation Repaired Weak Milwaukee Foundation

If you have a cracked or bent wall in your basement, call Rion Waterproofing immediately. We’ll come to assess the situation and determine if carbon fiber strips are appropriate. Some cases require steel beams to be added. If the wall is damaged beyond repair, we tear it down and replace it with a new wall.

All of our waterproofing and foundation services provide a lifetime guarantee. See what our customers had to say about our home restoration and improvements and how we can waterproof your Milwaukee home!

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