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Cracking / Bowing Walls


Inward & Outward Bowing and Cracks

Basement walls bowing inward or outward may be the result of soil pressure. Especially after heavy rains, waterlogged soil gets heavy and can put pressure on your basement walls. Similarly, cold Wisconsin winters can freeze the moisture in the ground, making it expand against your walls.

Bowing walls can crack (if they haven’t already) and can lead to serious leaks and water damage. Bugs may enter through the cracks. Cracking and bowing walls may even lead to concerns about crumbling, instability or structural integrity.

If you have cracking or bowing basement walls, get a free assessment from Rion Waterproofing. We’ll help you select the best solutions for your specific needs, such as crack injection waterproofing to seal and repair cracks, foundation stabilization services with steel beams or carbon fiber strips to repair and stop the bowing, and/or an exterior French drain to guide heavy water away from your basement walls. Join the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners who trust Rion Waterproofing to repair and protect their basements.

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