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Standing water in your basement causes severe damage to your home value, your health and any stored belongings. Safeguard these items by trusting Milwaukee's top waterproofing experts at Rion Waterproofing.

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Once we identify the source of the water damage, our waterproofing specialists isolate the problem and create a custom solution for your home! Rion Waterproofing will clean up and repair the water damage in the basement while taking the necessary steps to prevent your basement from future destruction. Contact Rion Waterproofing for interior French drain tile system today!

Highest to Lowest: Foundation Damage Hurts Property Value

The basement is one of the biggest sources of water damage in the home. If any of the following are visible in your basement, your home may be suffering water damage and losing overall value:

Signs of Basement Water Damage

  • Cracked floors
  • Peeling paint
  • Abundant insects & bugs

Waterproofing From Milwaukee Basement Interior Specialists

The longer you wait to waterproof your basement, the greater the damage and repair bill. Your home will also be worthless as a result of the damage sustained.

Cracks in the wall are another major source of water damage. We seal them up with crack injection waterproofing and can also install an outside waterproofing system that further prevents water from seeping into the basement.

Wisconsin Waterproofing Services from the True Pros

Basement Water Damage RepairInterior Waterproofing Continued

Water isn’t the only thing entering your basement. Bugs from the soil outside can enter your home through these cracks and make your basement their new home. Calling an exterminator can only go so far, as you're not removing their doorway. If left untouched, the basement foundation can also start crumbling and falling apart. 

Mold grows extremely fast in moist conditions. If you have water damage, mold WILL follow. Mold growth will spread throughout your home and ventilation and may lead to respiratory conditions and allergy-like symptoms.

Water Damage Prevention Methods Save You Money Long-term

Trust Rion Waterproofing for basement interior waterproofing and expect:

Our Milwaukee waterproofing company excels in delivering quality service in a timely manner. Our services come with a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction.

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The REAL Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing Professionals

Our interior waterproofing experts stop basement leaks at their source. We leave you with a safer and healthier home - free of mold and excess water. Rion Waterproofing provides all homeowners with great customer service that goes above and beyond their expectations. We take pride in presenting a high level of professionalism, and this has helped us build a noteworthy reputation that our customers depend upon.

A week later we sold for very near asking price. Our only regret is the house turned out so nice maybe we should have kept it…

-Carlene (Satisfied Watertown Waterproofing Customer)

This customer is just one of countless homeowners that share some of the best waterproofing company reviews. If you live in Brookfield, Sussex, West Allis or anywhere else in the greater Milwaukee area, contact our Pewaukee-based waterproofing company. Don’t let your home's value and integrity plummet because of water damage!

How Crack Injection Waterproofing Works

Crack injection waterproofing is a cost-effective way to stop unwanted leaks at their source. Crack injection is a completely non-invasive form of waterproofing, making it an ideal option for many homeowners. Our waterproofing specialists use a polyurethane or epoxy mix to seal off leaks in poured concrete.  

The mixture penetrates, dries and creates a rock-hard barrier that prevents the following:

Crack injection is extremely effective on foundation walls and other concrete structures, including residential basements, commercial buildings and even subway tunnels! Protect your home or business without causing further damage.

Waterproofing Services Extend Throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

Contact the Milwaukee basement waterproofing experts at Rion Waterproofing now.