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Basement Flood Rescue for Nick H

Basement Flood Rescue for Nick

My wife and I lived for 30+ years in Oklahoma and never dealt with basements in our life. Now that we've been up in Wisconsin for a few years we've learned of the importance of a clean, safe and dry basement, not only for livability but resale value.

This brings me to the craziness that happened in our basement over the last month. When the hard winter freeze (-55 degrees) and freezing rain hit the area our basement took the brunt of the damage. We immediately had water backing up at the seams around the unfinished portion of my basement and was creeping in to our finished portion.

I open an insurance claim... denied of course. I did some researching on how to fix this type of issue on YouTube, I quickly learned I didn't have the technical skill, experience and honestly time to do this myself due to the time sensitive nature of the weather and threat to my home. Water kept coming and faster and faster and I was finding it hard to keep it out of my finished portion of the basement.

This is where Rion Waterproofing came to the rescue! Rion was outstanding to work with and his crew was AMAZING! Special thanks to Casey, Cory and Spencer who were incredibly nice, hard working and detailed oriented, they understood the seriousness of my situation with water already on the floor and coming in harder; but when they left a couple of days later my basement was dry and my house was set up for future success!

Concerning pricing, they were incredibly competitive compared to the 5 other quotes I received and they talked me through the whole process, saving me tens of thousands of future damage coming my way with melting snow and constant Spring rain.

I highly recommend Rion Waterproofing to anyone who needs help fixing their basement issues! The peace of mind alone is huge, and sleeping at night is much easier knowing I don't have any further basement issues!

Thanks Rion Waterproofing for increasing the value of my home!