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New Egress Window Installation in Waukesha BasementRion Waterproofing saves the value of Waukesha homes and businesses by stopping water damage at its source: your basement.  Our injection waterproofing services, interior/exterior waterproofing and egress window installation are our specialties, and our crew of highly trained waterproofing professionals will leave your basement cozy and dry for the upcoming rainy season. How can you be sure you have water damage in your home?

-Mold growth -Moist walls
-Water seepage -Water on basement floor
-Condensation -Dank odors
-Cracks in the ceiling, walls, and floor -Buckling or bowing surfaces


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Not addressing basement water damage is like having a thief steal your money while living in your home. He never leaves, and you never financially recover. If you don’t evict him, you’ll always be hemorrhaging money.

Nothing is more destructive than uncontrolled water in your home, and the basement is the primary entry point. Rion Waterproofing creates dynamic solutions, preventing water from wreaking havoc in your home. Here are the best solutions to keeping your home undamaged and mold-free:


Interior French Drain

This is the essential technique to saving your home from water damage. When water pools at the base of your house it creates hydrostatic pressure, forcing itself through any crack into your basement. Interior basement waterproofing relieves this pressure by creating an air path for open flow to our masterfully designed French drain. The water is then directed through the drain tile system straight to the sump pump where it is released far away from your home.

Exterior Membrane

Keep water from even getting to your basement with exterior basement waterproofing. Rion installs a waterproofing membrane on the outside wall of your basement. Instead of water running down the brick or concrete wall, it’ll run down the membrane and away from the foundation of your house into an exterior French drain. The French drain channels the water to your sump pump and releases it far away from your home.

Injection Waterproofing

Foundation shifts, hydrostatic pressure, and structural degradation cause cracking in your basement walls, floors, and ceilings. The real problems start when water enters through these cracks. Rion injects a specially made, epoxy-based resin to seal the cracks. This process, also known as injection waterproofing, creates a sturdy barrier water won’t be able to penetrate.  Injection waterproofing is an affordable, speedy, non-invasive and effective way to help seal any unwanted cracks in your basement foundation.

Egress Window

Mold grows in dark, moist basements. Egress window installation adds ventilation and more sunlight, preventing this mold growth. An added benefit is your home is up to code. Any house with a bedroom in the basement is required to have an egress window. This WILL add value to your home if you don’t already have an egress window installed by your basement bedroom.

Foundation Stabilization

When basement walls start to crack, buckle and bow inwards, it means MASSIVE expenses and CONSIDERABLE loss in value is imminent! Rion keeps your basement walls from crumbling with foundation stabilization. We reinforce basement walls using carbon fiber strips and steel beam installation, so your basement doesn’t turn into a money pit.

Home-Value Protection, Guaranteed

"Rion Waterproofing completed our hot tub concrete pad in time for our wedding anniversary. We were so happy with their quality work, we decided to have Rion's team install an egress window and landscape to complete our basement remodeling project. We absolutely love the view they carefully designed to capture the beautiful wooded lot we have. During the high levels of rain, Rion kept the rain out and completed the project on time. We are now relocating to LA for work and know these home improvements will significantly increase the sales price and will help quickly sell our home. Rion is extremely professional in their bids and communication. Rion earned our trust. I am an attorney and my husband is an engineer which makes us highly critical of all work performed on our home."
Catherine, satisfied Milwaukee customer

We are the best option for effective water damage prevention in Waukesha, and we have the basement waterproofing testimonials to prove it. If Rion Waterproofing hasn’t worked on your Waukesha home, then you’re at risk of water damage. You’re also at risk of:

Rion Waterproofing guarantees quality and offers a lifetime warranty to back it up. Utilize the power of injection waterproofing to evict the wet bandits from your house, and take back the money you’re losing. Protect your home and livelihood from the harmful, costly effects of water damage. Call Rion now.

Contact the Waukesha basement waterproofing specialists at Rion Waterproofing and protect the value of your property today.