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Older commercial and residential properties, no matter how well they are constructed, will eventually end up facing foundation issues at some point in time.  After construction is completed, the soil around your home is going to continue to dramatically shift and settle over a period of many decades.  In fact, ancient archaeological dig sites are proof that your soil may continue to move for thousands of years!

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This will eventually lead to cracked, leaning, or otherwise deformed foundations that inevitably attract water damage, mold accumulation and in extreme cases the loss of structural integrity to the point that the damage that is beyond repair.  This is why it is important to visually inspect your home’s foundation and basement panels frequently so that you don’t find yourself in the middle of a very expensive mess sometime down the road.

Shorewood residents, do not hesitate to contact the region’s trusted foundation and waterproofing specialists at Rion Waterproofing at the first signs of:

Why Call in the Professional Waterproofing Experts?

While it’s true that you could take the gamble, and simply ignore the problem, the consequences could be disastrous.  The amount of money you will spend throughout the years on replacing ruined furniture, on doctor bills accumulated from daily mold inhalation and the many other hidden expenses of a poor foundation could have all been avoided by having our highly-trained waterproofing crews come and give your home or business a visit.

We maintain a sense of professionalism in everything that we do.  So, you can be ensured that we will be in and out of your property as quickly as possible.  Yet, the quality of our work will exceed even your highest expectations.  Using the latest in waterproofing technology such as the crack injection method where we physically seal cracks using a high-quality resin, our crews promise that we will have every square inch of your foundation leak-free.  Make mold, funny smells and stale-smelling puddles of standing water a thing of the past.

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