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New Berlin Basement RepairHistoric properties can be quite an attractive purchase for many new homeowners.  They radiate a sense of nostalgia, the architecture is beautiful and older homes often come with a fantastic price tag.  However, all homes will experience natural foundation and basement damage to some extent over time.  There is no way to avoid this, and depending on the quality of construction the damage can be quite extensive.  Standing water, visible cracks, leaning walls and mold are all signs that it is time to call in the experts at Rion waterproofing.

How Rion’s Basement Repair Services Operate

We currently offer a wide variety of services, but our number one request is for basement waterproofing/crack repair.  Our crew of highly trained basement specialists will be in and out of your home before you know it.  We will use injection waterproofing to seal off any visible surface cracks, search for and repair any undiscovered cracks that can cause basement moisture and completely evaluate your home for any other sources of damages.

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New Berlin Interior Basement Waterproofing

Rion Waterproofing offers an extensive array of basement repair services in New Berlin. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our crew of highly trained basement specialists will be in and out of your home before you know it. Basement waterproofing, repair and drainage services include:

Consequences of an Unstable Foundation

Your home’s foundation serves as the skeleton of your residence.  It supports weight, acts as a stabilizer, and helps keep your home level.  Unfortunately, shifts in soil and other natural factors will cause your foundation to shift over time.  Bowed or leaning walls are both signs that your foundation is under extreme stress, and should be evaluated immediately.  If left untreated a compromised foundation can lead to:

These issues are not simple DIY fixes.  They are extremely important and the longer you wait to have them evaluated the more expensive they will be to fix.  This is why it is important that New Berlin residents residing in an older home pay close attention to the condition of their house.  If you notice anything suspicious it is imperative that you call in the experts like the Rion Waterproofing crew immediately.

New Berlin homeowners currently facing leaning/bowing walls, leaky basements, or large visible basement panel cracks - call Rion Waterproofing immediately!