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Hartland Basement Waterproofing ServicesWaterproofing your property in Hartland can be simple, efficient and painless with Rion Waterproofing. Our professionals locate the source of your leaky home or commercial basement and offer a variety of different waterproofing methods to make sure that all cracks are repaired, and your foundation is stable.

Dangers of Ignoring a Leaky Basement

People often ask us what can happen if a basement leak is not repaired immediately?  A property owner may be able to ignore a leaky basement for a few years, but outright ignoring the problem will dramatically increase the damage. Also exposed cracks usher in large amounts of mold and other musty smelling contaminants that can damage your basement panels, furniture and flooring.

Interior Waterproofing Methods

The most common waterproofing method that our crews use is crack injection waterproofing. This process involves filling the crack with a highly adhesive epoxy formula that effectively blocks out moisture as well as the other unwanted elements. We first evaluate the area and determine if the crack can be repaired this way. Cracks that are extremely long, deep or deformed are not eligible for this type of repair, and may even require more serious treatment.

Hartland Interior & Exterior Waterproofing Services

If you are currently battling a leaky basement, poor foundation, or other water problems, contact Rion today!