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Water Damage Specialists Serving Greater Milwaukee Area

Residential Waterproof ServiceRion Waterproofing provides both residential basement waterproofing and commercial waterproofing services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Water damage has no preference when it comes to ruining the foundations of where you work or live. We are the best option for preventing water damage in your home. Check out our latest waterproofing testimonials.

The greater Milwaukee area continuously receives massive amounts of water every year. Our snow accumulation in the winter, along with April’s showers and melting snow produces conditions that set the stage for water damage. The average snowfall in Milwaukee is 47.3 inches alone. Our springtime average rainfall is 9.43 inches.

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Trust Rion Waterproofing to remedy water damage from your home, and PREVENT future disasters. Save yourself from the hassle of expensive repairs, medical bills, and restoration costs by waterproofing your home or commercial property NOW.

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