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Basement Drainage Construction

Basement Drainage Construction

Damp floors, water seepage, and condensation create water damage in your basement

Drain Tile Installation for West Allis Homes


Rion Waterproofing is the best chance West Allis homeowners have to increase the value of their homes. Take this customer’s basement as an example. As water seeped into the basement, the home value rapidly decreased. We installed a French drain system to put a stop to this. Now when water comes to the house, instead of seeping in through cracks, it’s directed through the French drain to a sump pump and then released away from the house. 


You need basement repair guaranteed to last. We offer a lifetime warranty for any work Rion performs for you. That’s the best offer in Wisconsin! 


Contact the West Allis drain tile specialists at Rion Waterproofing for a free quote today.