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Basement Drainage

Waukesha Basement Drainage

Waukesha homes with French drains prevent cracks, buckling walls, and mold growth caused by water damage

Waukesha French Drain Installation


We provide the best French drain installation in Waukesha. Prevent loss in home value by contacting us for top rated waterproofing services in the Milwaukee area at the best cost.


French drains create air path for water to flow openly to a drain tile. This drain tile then transports the water to a sump pump where water gets released far away from your home. A much better alternative to water forcing its way through cracks into your basement and causing all sorts of degradation.


All work done by Rion carries with it a Lifetime Warranty. This is the best warranty you’ll find in Southeast Wisconsin.


Contact the Waukesha French drain specialists at Rion Waterproofing and get a free quote today