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Surface Crack Injection Repair

Milwaukee Crack Injection Basement Repair

Rion Waterproofing understands that leaky basements can be one of the most frustrating parts of being a Wisconsin homeowner.  Unwanted moisture accumulation in any new or historic home can lead to foul odors, black mold growth, structural rot, and even lower your overall property value!  Thankfully, due to advancements in basement crack injection waterproofing, Rion Waterproofing is able to offer property owners affordable and effective basement waterproofing solutions.  Utilizing the strength of an epoxy based resin, we are able to penetrate and repair most troublesome basement cracks.  Our services are guaranteed to last, and the quality of epoxy sealant is so good that it is even used to repair underground subway tunnels!

Foundation Crack Repair for Wisconsin Basements

While crack injection waterproofing is typically ideal for large surface cracks in basement foundations, it may not be the best waterproofing option for your particular home.  This is why Rion Waterproofing specializes in a whole host of different interior waterproofing services including:

Rion Waterproofing is Southeast Wisconsin’s most distinguished contractors for basement waterproofing services.  All of our employees are highly knowledgeable, waterproofing experts that excel in the areas of professionalism and efficiency.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor for Milwaukee

For many Milwaukee homeowners, opting to live in a historic home can be an excellent decision.  They are generally more affordable, and offer more square footage for the price tag.  However, the downside to buying an older home is the inevitable maintenance costs, including basement foundation cracks.  If you notice standing moisture, musty smells, rotting furniture, or pest infestations in your basement, it’s time to call in the specialists at Rion Waterproofing.  Let us evaluate the situation and see what our crews of professional waterproofing specialists can do for you.


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