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Southeast Wisconsin Egress Window Wells & Installation Services


Based out of Pewaukee, Rion serves customers across the greater Milwaukee area. His team taps into over 15+ years of experience to deliver meticulous, expertly crafted results.

“We were so happy with their quality work, we decided to have RION’s team install an egress window and landscape to complete our basement remodeling project.”
Catherine from Milwaukee

This is just one of several Rion Waterproofing reviews showing what our customers think about our work. When you call Rion to install an egress window in your basement, you receive high quality results while staying up to code and even making your basement even more watertight. Don't think an egress window is right for your home? Check out some of our other popular basement water proofing services!

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Restoration Specialists Offer Basement Window Services

If you’ve ever experienced heavy rain water flowing next to your home before, you may know all too well that this excess drainage can come pouring into your home’s basement. Not only is this a daunting mess to clean up, but it can also lead to interior damage, destroyed property, and other unwanted consequences.

Wood furniture and timber building materials are prone to rot, electrical equipment can be destroyed, and if the water isn’t removed quickly, it will create disgusting mold growth. Prevent mold disasters from happening - call Rion Waterproofing today!

Egress Window Installation in Pewaukee

A basement egress window is generally required to comply with fire codes. The hole is rimmed by exterior sheet metal, protruding higher than the ground outside. This height difference protects your basement from water flooding in through the windows.

Benefits of Egress Window Installation

Besides the obvious drainage benefits, there are many other advantages to having an egress window installed, including:

  • Additional ventilation that lowers energy bills
  • Great source of natural light
  • Efficient & convenient emergency exit
  • Ornate addition to your basement

Egress windows are an effective and convenient escape route in the case of a house fire. Fatality rates in simple residential fires are exceptionally high for basement dwellings where there are few exits.

Our Pewaukee egress window installation services are simple and affordable addition to any basement. It provides homeowners with an added peace of mind. Even if rain water floods towards your house, it won’t flood over the egress window boundary in place. This effectively prevents any water from entering your basement.

Egress Windows Satisfy Building Code Requirements

R311.1 of the International Residential Code states:

“All dwellings shall be provided with a means of egress as provided in this section. The means of egress shall provide a continuous and unobstructed path of vertical and horizontal egress travel from all portions of the dwelling to the exterior of the dwelling at the required egress door without requiring travel through a garage.”

A dwelling refers to any area where people sleep. If your home has any bedrooms or other sleeping areas in the basement, building code requirements enforce that your home must have an egress window or some other form of proper drainage attached to it. By not having your home up to code, you risk hefty fines, insurance quarrels, and the value of your home can even plummet.

Egress Window Code in Wisconsin

Current State Codes for Egress Windows
Minimum Width of Opening 20 inches
Minimum Height of Opening 24 inches
Minimum Net Clear Opening 5.7 sq feet (5.0 sq feet for ground floor)
Maximum Sill Height Above Floor 44 inches

Spare bedrooms must be taken into account in order to be code compliant. Any area that is reserved as a living space must have some form of egress that follows the guidelines above. Metal grates may be added; however, they must be easily removed without the use of special tools in the case of an emergency.

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Egress Windows for Older Homes

Egress Windows Keep Milwaukee Homes Up To CodeOlder homes can be a great investment, especially for first-time homeowners. They are affordable, offer a retro feel, and their architectural features are gorgeous. However, many older homes were built long before egress codes were put into place. This can be extremely dangerous.  Without an egress window, firefighters are left without a way into your basement and you are also left without any escape route.

Rion Waterproofing doesn’t need a preexisting window to install an egress window. If your house is built on a slant, we may even be able to install your window above grade. Our crew will handle every part of the installation process including the window, window well, and all necessary drainage.

We install three different types of egress windows, including:

If you currently have an existing window, it may be necessary to replace a smaller window for a larger one in order to meet specific code requirements. Call Rion Waterproofing today to see if your basement is up to code, and let us help you create a safer, more comfortable living space.

Waterproofing Company Serves Cities Throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

Rion Waterproofing specializes in a variety of different interior and exterior basement waterproofing services. From fixing your leaky basement to stopping all sources of leaks, our list of satisfied clients is constantly growing. Get your Southeastern Wisconsin home basement up to code with our egress window installation services.

Contact the Pewaukee egress window installation specialists at Rion Waterproofing and get your home up to code today.