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Rion Waterproofing is Southeast Wisconsin’s premier specialist in basement waterproofing, French drain installation, and foundation stabilization. We exceed all of our customers’ expectations with each and every single job that we do. Our slew of happy customers and stellar reputation both have been hard-earned over the years, and we certainly didn’t get it by doing a mediocre job. If your basement has visible cracks, currently leaking, or if your foundation has shifted, call Rion for a free quote now!

Epoxy Injection Waterproofing

Basement cracks on both the walls and floor are usually repairable with Rion Waterproofing's crack injection waterproofing techniques. We search for any visible and hidden cracks that could cause leaks, mold buildup, and basement deterioration. It is important that any cracks, contusions, or clearly apparent damages to your basement be handled as soon as possible by our trained professionals. If they are left unattended, the damage can get substantially worse. This costs you more money to fix, or can even leave your basement beyond repair.

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Basement Leak and Waterproofing Services for Dane County

Historic properties between Madison and Milwaukee have gorgeous architectural elements that are unfortunately rare today. Unfortunately, these properties can often come with unforeseen repairs, which include leaky basements. Contact Rion Waterproofing and we'll have one of our crews come out to evaluate your basement and fix any issues that could cause future damage. Standing water is the worst sign of water damage and must be remedied immediately! Trust Rion Waterproofing to eliminate any sources of moisture in your basement and be confident, knowing that we completed the project correctly - the first time. 

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