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Waterproofing for Basements in Brookfield

Brookfield Injection Waterproofing Experts

Anyone who is experiencing clearly visible basement leaks, mold growth, or pools of standing water should have the issue evaluated immediately. You could go through years breathing in the pungent, moldy air of a damp basement - but down the road, the damage might not even be reversible. Don’t forget about all the ruined furniture, respiratory-related hospital visits, and more bills you've racked up over time.

Call Rion Waterproofing to have one of our specialists evaluate your home’s basement.

Basement Flooding and Crack Repair

You find a gaping crack in your basement. Don't DIY yourself into a corner - you'll be doing more harm than good. Hire Rion Waterproofing for our basement waterproofing services and you will actually SAVE money in the long-run.

Damage causes more damage, which eventually snowballs out of control. Having a tiny problem fixed in its infancy is way more feasible than shelling out a fortune down the road.

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Basement Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Repair

Aside from fixing cracks in your basement wall, we will also examine your basement for any other small cracks that are prone to expand. Our standard method of repair for small cracks is injection waterproofing. We take eligible cracks, and fill them air-tight with an epoxy solution. This acts as a tough yet flexible sealant that will stay in place. 

For basement waterproofing, crack injection repair, or our other services, contact us today!