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Rion Waterproofing keeps you informed so you know what we do to keep your basement water free.

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The effects of water damage are considerable to a home’s value and understanding the different waterproofing methods helps give you an idea on how you can keep the value of your home. You will also learn how waterproofing can improve your home’s value too.

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Milwaukee has its own unique conditions that contribute to water entering your basement. We equip you with the knowledge necessary to identify if your basement is in good condition or if it’s going to cost you money. Your gateway into how basement waterproofing works is just a click away. Find out how Rion Waterproofing can best serve you and your basement today.

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Injection Waterproofing Experts Discuss Pros of Interior Waterproofing Before we enter their homes, many of our clients often want to know exactly what the many benefits of injection waterproofing are.  We start by explaining the injection waterproofing process in detail so you fully understand what our crews of technicians will be doing.  From there, we try to discuss the many unknown advantages of epoxy injection waterproofing, so you know exactly what to expect. Injection Waterpro...
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Signs of Basement Water Damage Thankfully, if your basement is leaking or in danger of leaking there are a number of obvious signs to look out for.  Some of these common indoor indicators include: Water leaking through the wall, floor, windows, seams between the wall and floor Visible foundation cracks Rotting wood Wet walls Mold and mildew While this is not an all-inclusive list, these are some of the most common symptoms according to waterproofing specialists.  If you no...
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Risks of DIY Home Injection Waterproofing Kits The Dangers of DIY Crack Injection Waterproofing Kits DIY crack injection waterproofing kits, although they may sound tempting, are a surefire way to actually do more harm to your basement foundation than good.  If crack injection services are performed by an amateur, there is a significant chance that not only will the crack fail to be sealed properly, but you can also make the situation harder for a professional to fix down the road.  ...
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How an Exterior Waterproofing Layer Protects Foundation Walls Waterproofing your basement exterior is one of the best ways to keep water out of your home. Through a comprehensive outdoor system, your home will be protected from water pooling near the foundation. Good thing too since this creates hydrostatic pressure, the reason water gets forced into your basement. To get started, the foundation of your home must be excavated. Once a deep and wide trench is carved just outside of your basement...
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French Drain Design by Rion Contracting The interior drainage tile system is the best way to prevent water damage from ruining the interior of your basement. It's also known as a French drain but don't let the name fool you. The concept was actually designed by an American- Henry Flagg French. This is the system you need installed in your basement to prevent any water damage from hurting you financially and devaluing your home. Whenever the soil around your home is heavily saturated with water...
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