Water Damaged Basement Protect Your Investment Protect Your Investment Restored Basement entertainment room
The amount of money down the drain from water damage is nothing to joke about.
Furniture rot, staining on the walls, cracks and water seepage all pose a financial
concern for home owners. One of the worst problems associated with water
damage is the development of mold and mildew in your basement.
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This customer is just one of many who praise Rion Waterproofing for superior services and unmatched efficiency. Here are more waterproofing testimonials showing our high-quality commercial and residential services: If you live in the Milwaukee area, RION WATERPROOFING is the superior solution to your basement woes. With over 15 years of experience, our basement waterproofing contractors ensure your home is better valued and protected from the effects of water damage. Our waterproofing services are so effective, you won’t need to worry about it again.

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Here are the services we offer to improve your basement…

  • Basement interior waterproofing will waterproof your basement. We isolate the issues in your basement, remove the problems, and repair the damaged areas. Our repairs ensure the problems we fix never come back.
  • Exterior basement waterproofing is another way to waterproof the inside of your basement is from outside. You'll have added assurance your basement will be safe from water damage. By putting a waterproofing layer on the exterior of the basement, we keep water where it belongs: outside.
  • Foundation crack repair by RION waterproofs protects homes from extensive damage.  Basements suffering deterioration develop cracks in their walls. These cracks allow water from outside to leak inside. Bugs also get in this way too.  By injecting a specialized resin inside the cracks, we put an end to unwanted water and bugs entering your basement.
  • Foundation repair experts at Rion will reinforce your walls and prevent both collapse and water damage. Crumbling foundations are easy openings for water to enter your home. Major structural damage to your home is imminent. When a basement wall collapses, your home’s structural integrity is compromised, a ton of value is lost, and MAJOR expenses have to be shelled out to fix them. So when a wall starts bending and bowing, it’s time to call our Milwaukee waterproofing services.
  • Egress window improves the value of your home and allows the property owner to stay up to house code. The added lighting and ventilation freshen up the basement and help prevent mold growth. Our superior quality egress window installations provide unmatched value to your home.
  • French drain installation is a drainage tile system that prevents water damage for years to come. As a cost-effective waterproofing service, the French drain installation process involves digging a drainage ditch, laying down the pipe, and filling it with gravel to reroute excess water.

Benefits of Hiring Rion Waterproofing

  • Basement Water Damage Repair will increase the value of your home or commercial building
    The better your basement is, the greater the overall worth of your home. You won’t have any damage or deterioration bringing the quality of your property down. As certified Wisconsin waterproofing specialists with years of experience, we are so confident in our work we offer a lifetime warranty for it.
  • Basement waterproofing ensures your valuables will be safeguarded from water damage
    Basements are commonly used to store people’s belongings. You don’t want those precious memories to be ruined through degradation and water exposure. By waterproofing your basement, we protect your memories from unnecessary exposure so you may enjoy them again and again.
  • Effective ventilation means your lifestyle will be protected from health risks associated with water damage
    Mold and mildew over time cause serious health risks. No one wants these risks to affect the quality of their lives. By creating reliable ventilation and removing any mold, Rion Waterproofing will make your basement safe. We don’t want your life to be negatively impacted by your basement.
  • Customized Waterproofing Solutions: Every basement is a unique challenge
    Every project we complete is specially tailored to fit the demands of your basement. Until the job’s done, our basement waterproofing specialists will not stop. Does it get any better? Yes, it does…
  • Effective Waterproofing solutions at the best value
    Rion Waterproofing is the best chance at waterproofing your basement and doing it right the first time. With our Milwaukee waterproofing professionals, you’ll get the highest quality service at the best value.

Your Basement: the Single Greatest Threat to the Value of Your Home

Maintaining and increasing the value of a house is an interest of every homeowner. If you ever want to sell your home at the price you purchased it for, or for MORE than you purchased it for, you have to consider its value.

Your basement is the greatest threat to the value of your home. Since it lies underground, a basement is vulnerable to water getting forced through any weak points in the foundation. This causes water damage. Like an organ of the human body getting an infection and causing the whole body to get sick, a basement suffering water damage causes problems for the rest of the house.

Water Damage Leads to Foundation Issues

It’s crucial to understand how huge the impact your basement’s water damage is to the rest of your house. Equally as important, how it impacts your financial situation. As water damage collects over time, so do the complications with it. Cracks and leaning columns, rust and effervescence, mold and mildew, furniture deterioration, wood rot, and odors all add up presenting a generally unpleasant living environment. Mold and mildew will set in creating a whole new suite of health risks and make the basement smell too. The spores of mold and mildew spread to other parts of your home through the ventilation in your basement.

The cracks to the outside world allow little bugs and critters easy passage inside as well. Once bugs and animals get in, getting them out presents its own unique challenges. Bugs, such as ants begin carving out their own colonies in your woodwork or flooring. The source of these problems is in essence water damage. By causing degradation in the lowest foundations of your home, water damage leads to problems extending throughout the entire home.

It’s a vicious cycle. Not only does water damage destroy the foundation of your property, if your home or business already has even minor foundation issues, they will create troublesome water leakage. Unfortunately, this unwanted water damage is the result of moisture in the ground that slowly seeps into the broken foundation. The overall costs needed to repair your home, replace your furniture/belongings, and eliminate any pest control issues, can often lead entire households to financial ruin. To make everything worse, there is no guarantee it’s over.

Waterproof Your Basement & Protect Your Memories

If you’re like most people, you’re interested in protecting your belongings from getting ruined. Who wouldn’t feel the same way? Any memorabilia or keepsakes you might have down in your basement will begin to corrode from water damage. Though basements are convenient for storage, over time your treasures could be consumed by them instead. You don’t want photos of your past, reminding you of the good times in your life, to be lost. Same for the furniture you keep around because of its sentimental value.

Basement Repair for a Better Tomorrow

All of these compounded problems don’t have to be your reality. We will stop them. Water damage is the root cause for all these maladies. Preventing water from getting into your basement is the remedy to keep your home mold-free, without bugs, clean and generally ‘in shape.’ Precious belongings and memories will still remain yours undamaged. In short, your home will be stable. With just a few alterations and installations, this self-sufficient home is all yours. It starts with a waterproofed basement. No one will bring your basement back into excellent condition better than Rion. The range of our services cover any aspect of basement improvement and water damage prevention. A clean and complete basement could be YOURS. Don’t wait, start safeguarding your valuables and your livelihood with our waterproofing services.

Contact the Milwaukee basement waterproofing company and set up your free inspection with RION WATERPROOFING today.

Now serving Brookfield, Delafield, Glendale, Hartland, Mequon, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Shorewood, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, West Allis & beyond.

May 18,2020
Caitlin B
5 stars on Google
I would highly recommend Rion waterproofing. They have done our drain tiles, the steel beams to reinforce the basement walls and installed our egress in March! Their prices are down to earth and easy to understand. They do great work, in great time and don't hassle you or try to get more money out of you. They work like a well oiled machine! You will not regret hiring them for your basement and waterproofing needs!
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Mar 31,2020
Gerald Matola
5 stars on Google
Very pleased with our Egress Window installation.Thank you to Dana and Amanda for your assistance setting up a schedule and follow up. Casey and the crew did an excellent job were conscientious and very courteous while on site. Will recommend Rion Waterproofing to others!
Read Review
Jan 23,2020
kurt albrecht
5 stars on Google
Rion installed an egress window in our home. Their quote came in lower than I was expecting, and the crew were friendly, respectful, and professional. Not only that, but on several occasions, the team went above and beyond to insure our satisfaction. I have just contacted them about having more work done. I earnestly recommend them. I submit these photos knowing they aren't very pretty, we have our own finish work to do around the work site, but they did a fantastic job.
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Dec 14,2019
Jessica Lovely
5 stars on Google
We have just gotten our new egress window from Rion, and we are pleased so far. It only took one and a half days to install and the crew was knowledgeable, polite, and friendly. They explained the work they did well, and so far, it looks good (time will tell). Overall, great job!
Read Review
Oct 25,2019
Raechal Laird
5 stars on Google
The quality of work performed by this company exceeded my expectations! Fair, reliable and reputable. Everyone from the office staff, bidders and laborers were great!
Read Review
Aug 9,2019
Jo Jo
5 stars on Google
I strongly dislike/Ignore writing reviews however my experience was phenomenal with Rion Waterproofing so here I am. I am a zealous homeowner on a tight budget. Received many quotes for an egress window, and Rion surpassed all competition starting with the first phone call. Rion was personable and quick to connect me to Dana the sales manager. Dana was fantastic making it out to my house the same week of initial phone call. After Dana did the estimate I decided I was going to go with Rion and that same evening Dana emailed me everything I needed to pursue a building permit. ( It was my choice to obtain the building permit or have them do it). Once I obtained the permit I was promptly put on the schedule for install only needing to wait 2 weeks. Day of Install 3 man crew arrived on time. Their names were Casey, Ryan, and Spenser. The 3 of them worked together cohesively and were very secure in their knowledge and abilities. They even met my overbearing amounts of hovering and questioning with grace. My basement window is fantastic. I am very happy with my choice to go with Rion Waterproofing. I would 100% hire them again. Lastly, from first phone call to receipt of Lien Waiver was all done within 4 weeks time.
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May 12,2019
Dale Freckmann
5 stars on Google
From the first call to Dana, to the final moment Casey and Corey were at my home completing the egress window installation, I was treated like family. Dana was friendly, knowledgeable, and quite responsive. Ryan showed up on time this morning, and was nothing but accommodating from the get-go. His two employees, Casey and Corey, were also very friendly and courteous. But what really impressed me the most was Rion’s attention to detail. As an active duty Soldier, I truly appreciate the small things. They were so meticulous in everything they did, and they treated my home as well as I treat my home. A true pleasure to work with.
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Apr 14,2019
Christine Brennan
5 stars on Google
Rion put an egress window in for me and did a fantastic job for a reasonable price. They were able to get the job done within my short timeframe... the guys were professional, courteous, and made every effort to protect the surrounding area where the work was done. They did such a great job cleaning up after they finished that you could hardly tell they had been there! I highly recommend Rion and will definitely call them again if the need arises.
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Apr 22,2019
Jason Clower
5 stars on Google
Another quality job! We hired them for a egress window in our house which went great. My sister just purchased a house and needed a window done as well, and we of course, recommended Rion. Job was done super quick and looks amazing. Would definitely recommend them and use them again!
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Apr 10,2019
Lori H
5 stars on Google
I needed an egress window that would allow for an easy emergency exit for my spatially challenged brother. Dana came to my house and knew right away what my requirements were and why. She was just the first of a great team that I dealt with. From the minute the installation team began taping off my kitchen floor etc., I knew I was in good hands. The team was neat, professional, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Rion to anyone looking to have an egress window installed.
Read Review
Mar 15,2019
Nick Harris
5 stars on Google
My wife and I lived for 30+ years in Oklahoma and never dealt with basements in our life. Now that we've been up in Wisconsin for a few years we've learned of the importance of a clean, safe and dry basement, not only for livability but resale value. This brings me to the craziness that happened in our basement over the last month. When the hard winter freeze (-55 degrees) and freezing rain hit the area our basement took the brunt of the damage. We immediately had water backing up at the seams around the unfinished portion of my basement and was creeping in to our finished portion. I open an insurance claim... denied of course. I did some researching on how to fix this type of issue on YouTube, I quickly learned I didn't have the technical skill, experience and honestly time to do this myself due to the time sensitive nature of the weather and threat to my home. Water kept coming and faster and faster and I was finding it hard to keep it out of my finished portion of the basement. This is where Rion Waterproofing came to the rescue! Rion was outstanding to work with and his crew was AMAZING! Special thanks to Casey, Cory and Spencer who were incredibly nice, hard working and detailed oriented, they understood the seriousness of my situation with water already on the floor and coming in harder; but when they left a couple of days later my basement was dry and my house was set up for future success! Concerning pricing, they were incredibly competitive compared to the 5 other quotes I received and they talked me through the whole process, saving me tens of thousands of future damage coming my way with melting snow and constant Spring rain. I highly recommend Rion Waterproofing to anyone who needs help fixing their basement issues! The peace of mind alone is huge, and sleeping at night is much easier knowing I don't have any further basement issues! Thanks Rion Waterproofing for increasing the value of my home!
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Dec 7,2017
Allison Malnar
5 stars on Google
Very competitive bid and very professional bidder. Dana knew what she was talking about. The job was done quickly and their clean-up was thorough. Professional. Clean. Respectful. The job was beautifully done, even our inspector commented on the quality work! Thank you!
Read Review
Nov 15,2017
John Furrer
5 stars on Google
Ryan, Tom and Casey did an outstanding job with our egress window installation. Friendly, patient in answering our questions, considerate of keeping our home as clean as possible while completing their work. Also, work involved was more than they anticipated but Ryan stayed true to the price he quoted prior to installation. I would not hesitate to use them in the future and would recommend their services to friends and family. Also, Dana in the office worked with my wife Cheri on scheduling arrangements, permits, etc., and was always professional and patiently walked Cheri through the process from start to finish. Cheri very much enjoyed working with Dana and appreciated her efforts on our behalf.
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Oct 6,2017
Steve Hickman
5 stars on Google
Rion Waterproofing helped install an egress window. They were polite, efficient and at a good price. (As they arrived, I realized that we needed to address issues with 3 other window wells, They were not upset - and they got all of the work done in the same day at very little over the original estimate.) The end result was a good looking product. Thanks Ryan, Dana and crew!
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Aug 5,2017
Rachel Hassler
5 stars on Google
We just purchased a new house and wanted an egress window put in. The service was so smooth and excellent with the company I cannot speak highly enough of Ryan and his crew. I did my research and he took his time to really explain everything to me as a female and made me feel very educated and not like an idiot for asking many questions. He took his time to make sure I understood everything and that he was giving us the best opinion for our house. The window looks beautiful, the timbers look beautiful and they took great care in cutting drywall and concrete with the least amount of dust and debris. I could wrote a novel about how great it was to work with Rion Waterproofing!!! Literally not a single complaint! Thank you for our beautiful window!!
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Jul 29,2017
Jennifer Clower
5 stars on Google
Rion and his team (Tom and Casey) did a fantastic job on our egress window. The process from the start with Dana coming for our estimate was great as well. The worked hard and efficiently to get the job done. They were extremely professional, timely and took great care in cleaning up when they were done. The window is wonderful and is exactly as what we had in mind. Would absolutely hire them for work again and would definitely refer people to use them for work. Well done and thank you for the hard work!
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